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About Us

With a dream of using the best quality fabrics to create beautiful apparel that could be loved and worn with confidence, we founded our very own Melbourne apparel manufacturing and importing company in 2004. In over 16 years we have built not only a talented and forward thinking in-house team but numerous collections that are Innovatively printed, constructed and designed to be relied upon.


Our Brands

Magnolia Lounge

The epitome of sleepwear elegance, comfort and luxury, made by professionals with over 20 years of experience who know their stuff.

We launched ML in the spring of 2009 with the belief that pyjamas deserve to feel comfortable, look beautiful and last for the long haul. With 19 wonderful collections released to date, we have strived to design ladies sleepwear that makes each person feel spoiled beyond their wildest dreams.

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Young Spirit

An Australian born sleepwear and lifestyle brand launched in 2019 who take pride in making fashion forward creations from sustainable, high quality materials.

Our designs radiate energy and fun, drawing inspiration from classic stories including Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, along with eye-catching prints and patterns that make bedtime all the more exciting.

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